Thursday, October 21, 2010


I was very, very lucky to have seen The Slits, 1980, I think.

They were brilliant and inspirational - they remain brilliant and inspirational, in all of our hearts - and Ari was a big part of that moment, part of an impossibly-thrilling uprising that burned ever-so briefly...

Nuff Said.

Actually... speaking of Sam Kydd, I can remember watching him in "Orlando" when I was a kid. I think the character was an ex-sailor or had something to do with boats. In fact, didn't the end-credits show a speed-boat going round in circles or something similar?

*strains brain to pull back the temporal curtain"


Caught the end of "The Quatermass Xperiment" last night - first time I've seen it in years - but did that woman gabbling in the police station to Sam Kydd really say (something like): "So it wasn't a Gin Goblin after all...?"

A Gin Goblin?

Aww, thank Gawd f'that, guv'nor, I thought I was the only one 'oo could see them Gin Goblins!