Thursday, September 23, 2010

Totally gutted - and I mean TOTALLY GUTTED - that I can't make the Dolphins into the Future / Ducktails / Woodtripper show at The Cube, Bristol, tomorrow. I think it could potentially be The Show of The Year. And at my favourite venue too.


But there's just too much goin' on around me right now, home- and work-wise, so unless I grow another body or three or bleb off my consciousness, like some weird bloated mutant paramecium-thing I'm jus' gonna have to let that one go.

As longterm readers'll be aware, I've been a big fan and supporter of Lieven Martens for ages now. I've waited, like, three years or more to see him play live. I nearly got to meet him in at Kraak in Brussels last year - he wasn't playing - but he'd vacated his stall in the main venue and had disappeared off half-an-hour earlier, so I hung around for a while and bought a few things - this was gone midnight by now (shopping for cassettes and old records at 12:15 at night - bliss!!), but he vanished. Prob. saw me coming or something. Leiven is a true one-off, an originator. I just love his whole schtick; his restless imagination. He's an honoury cetacean.

Ah, well, maybe another day.

But, ah...well, see: he let me interview him a few months ago - one of many, many things I've not got round to posting, that I really must sort (Incl. a big Hellvete interview) - so, in Lieven's honour I'll post the interview here soon.

I love being a total fanboy where certain acts are concerned; it's just soooo yeaaahhhhct. Heh.

But I've been thinking about this stuff the last couple days; maybe it's time I stopped living so, um, vicariously. I keep thinking: fuck, this is gonna be the Show of the Year and I'm gonna miss it. But then the mighty Farmer Glitch started talking about some of the things he's got planned for our forthcoming Hacker Farm super-show next weekend and I started thinking: know, I like where he's coming from with this...we've got a nice bit of space for once, some room where we can stretch out our legs and go a bit crazy with our live set-up and our amplification gear...maybe we can get some tables and junk and weird furniture in, go a bit mental.

So, I'm thinking: nah: fuck it, let's make our gig the Show of The Year!

And if we don't quite get there, then maybe the next one instead, or the one after that.

Time to step up, I think.