Sunday, September 19, 2010

A slow week blog-wise - for which I apologise - but v. mucho going-on house rebuild-wise, plus catching-up-on-sleep from London Resonance Trip last wkend and then slowly ramping-up involvement in next Hacker Farm Installation-Project / Show (this will get increasingly hectic over the next few days, climaxing (ooo-er, missus) at the end of the month-ish).

I'll post on this fairly soon. For now, all you need to know is that Farmer Glitch is building an Atari Punk Bucket.

Mostly been trying to nail the last part of an episode break-down for a new comic-book project - the sort of thing that a Proper Comic-Book Pro would probably put-to-bed in the course of a quick 5-minute fag-break. This eluded me for a couple days, but then - as is usually the case - suddenly resolved itself, unbidden, in a rapid ideas-rush that I don't even remember typing.

A Synopsis Black-Out.

Open eyes, press SEND.

This afternoon I hung out with Shaky Kane (under the guise of looking-after-the-kids-while-wife-is-at-work) which is always an extremely agreeable way to spend a few hours.