Saturday, September 11, 2010


Packing ready to fuck off to London: spare pants, ear-plugs, rechargeable Marks n Spencers eco-batteries, plastic toy kettle.

To get to the Big City, Steve and I will have to negotiate several small unhappy dukedoms, pay tolls, trade beads, trinkets and hostages, show signed-and-sealed Royal Rights of Passage, climb a small mountain, barter our souls with Lord Vwi'vvuv'iii of Trowbridge, fight bandits, were-bears, monkey-men, trolls, etc, etc.

Apparently you have electricity in the houses there.

We've heard stories about the lights...thousands of them, millions. And horseless carriages too.

This is magic to me. If we survive, then - oh! - the tales we will tell when we return.