Thursday, September 09, 2010


Via the mighty Dubversion:

Scrumpy & Western. A one-stop shop for West Country Music. Includes The Wurzels, Acker Bilk, Surfin Turnips and a few others that pop up on this blog from time to time.

The Cornish Wurzells (!!???) are a new one on me, though.

I like to think that maybe Hacker Farm are also part of the Cidernuum in some skewed way.


After the J Mugwump Resonance Show on saturday, it appears there are plans afoot to go to this:

Main Room: Shed - Live, Surgeon, A Made up Sound, Bleep43 DJs.

Bar: Punch Drunk Records: Peverelist, Guido, Hyetal, Deadly Rhythm Soundsystem.

Well, it's just up the road @ CABLE, near London Bridge, so it would be rude not to cheer on our West Country pals in the Punch Drunk crew and buy them a few beers, eh?

We were supposed to be playing in Wells, Somerset, tonight - in a theatre, as part of the opening of Somerset Arts Week. But it's been cancelled.

There were some concerns about noise-levels, apparently. But - hey! - we can do quiet.

I meant to wish Nick well for his set at Dubloaded, but I've been snowed in with various stuff and was also semi-labouring under the miscomprehension that he was playing tonight. Gah! Sorry.

Anyway, hope you knocked 'em dead, Nick.

Think I've got that Small Stone FX-box. Also got a Danelectro FAB somewhere, but a different one to those two. Mine's a darker red, though it might be the light in that photo. Can't even remember what it does lol. Maybe it was a flanger.