Wednesday, September 01, 2010


FLURB #10 crash-lands into your puny human planet like an enormous alien conflarct made from tiny writhing black glyphs. It will rewire yr heads, mammalmeat.

Best. Goddamn. SF/Lit. Mag. On. Net. (??? Discuss)

"We're changing the world, one word at a time." - R. Rucker Snr.

Read it.

Oh yes.

Bruce Sterling, John Shirley, Ian Watson, Rudy Rucker...

If this was a paperback, you would bloody well buy it, wouldn't you?

I am extremely excited and proud to be part of this.

I have to just tell one quick story about Ian Watson...when I was a teenager the mobile library used to park up outside my mum's during the school / college holidays and I'd load up with SF novels. I can remember reading Ian Watson's The Jonah Kit in hardback not long after it came out and thinking: who is this guy? New hot writer on the block and a Brit too...

Zoom forward 35 years. That teenager still lives inside my head and he can't believe I've got a story in the same magazine as Ian Watson.

And on a weird television thing that lets you type words and talk to people in other countries.

s'SF, innit.