Thursday, August 12, 2010


Meant to blog about this earlier in the week, but been too busy; a v. interesting twist on the whole, uhm, Reclaimed Quasi New Age tropes of Oneohtrix Point Never / Emeralds saga (wh/ I've kept kinda quiet about in recent months, tbh, because believe me you really don't wanna hear my thoughts on this - my gripes're not about the music (Klaus Schulze never went out of favour round these parts and I'm a long-time fan of Emeralds) but more about its rapid uptake in certain critical corners. Huh? Colour me cynical, boys! Actually, the thing that perhaps fascinates me the most about this microphenomenon is how recent releases have rather groovily repositioned Mego. Peter Rehberg, by the way, is someone I have a lot of time for.)


New Lil B LP features rapping over reconstituted New Age / Ambient. No, not Illbient v 2.0.

Didn't see that one coming.

Hopefully on home-stretch now with new story. One more shortish section to complete, then I'm done except for tweaks / polishes / blahblahblah.

Gosh, that was really interesting, wasn't it?