Monday, August 09, 2010


Thanks to Dave Quam for pointing me at this, afer I made some lameass comment about ScrewRap beats welded to an FX-pedalboard chassis (Dave had been talking about the concept of "Screwgaze", I think). Anyway, this is utter Genius.

"Bubblethug" via Weird Forest Records. PitchShiftedGhettoRapNoisePsychMulch overlap/overdrive. What a fucking great cover (by Glamorous Pat!)

I'm definitely gonna have to score a copy of this album!

And here's GlamPat Live in de Living, back in the day.


The mighty Richard Kadrey is serialising a new story over on his blog this week.

Just recieved some s.p.a.m. marked:

From: "Scheman Rataczak"

To: "Ouillette Pirnie"

What brilliant names. I mean, who wouldn't want to meet those people? I think I need to fold these two folks into something I'm doing - some project or other - just to give them life outside the digital zombie.domain. Scheman Ratacza, I think, might turn up in a story I'm currently writing - tho he feels like he ought to be an Orchestra Intangible '73 reservist or something. Ouillette: holy fuck, where to start, even?

BTW: I'm not ignoring those folks in my comments-box goading me on to play at an engagement party lol ; I have got a reply ready for them - a sort of answer record type post - but it'll take me a lickle while to set it up and - since I'm, errm, kinda uber-busy at the moment - I'm not sure quite when I'm gonna get that hour. Tho maybe If I hadn't typed this, then I might've started doing it already.

(Lots of things going on right now - either kicking off or starting to come to fruition. Busy summer and an even busier autumn ahead. Interesting, tho. Tons of cool stuff happening. You'll see, I promise.)

It's funny just how much I realllly want to blog when I'm not able to. Weird.