Thursday, August 05, 2010

There is no sound more beautiful in my mind - except the first sound uttered by your own newborn child, or perhaps the sound of the ocean heard in a moment of sorrowful solitude or tender togetherness - than that of a needle tapping against the locked out-groove at the end of a really great album.

Mechanical repetition translated into sound - forming not a full-stop, but an on-going series of ellipses - a temporary suspension of time; a "What-If"; a space in which your heart / mind / soul can digest what it has just heard.

But it also acts as a summons, a sonic cue to stand up and respond...and this act of standing-up is itself part of the ritual; an act of appreciation, of supplication and silent applause; a re-engagement with the world.

It is both an ending and a trigger.