Wednesday, August 04, 2010


Thanks to Mark for reminding me about this in my comments-box below:

(Mike Post worked with Kenny Rogers in the 60's and also with Dolly Parton, tho much later on when her career had already crossed over.)

Funny how Country-Rock grew from just a few hardcore afficiandos (Parsons/Hillman, Mike Nesmith, Leadon, etc) round the cusp of 60s/70s into a mid-70's behemoth that was relatively widely accepted, reaching its zenith/nadir with mid-period Eagles; meanwhile, Country influences spilled out into popular music, TV, cinema in all sorts of ways as execs realised that Southerness could be exported out into the mainstream via Burt Reynolds' films, The Dukes of Hazzard, Convoy, motifs n codas n memes in Pop Music (The Carpenters, Streisand gittin' jiggy wit Kristofferson, blahblahblah); We were still only a couple generations away from The Source and already Country Crossover Potential was King.

For a while it was Hip to be a Hick.