Tuesday, August 03, 2010


The awesome Buck Owens.

S'masterclass in narrative economy, innit? And what an awesome pedal-steel break.

I've been reading up (a bit) on pedal-steel tunings recently - for reasons I really don't wanna go into (mostly because they're...silly and kinda anal; annnnnd, I'm not even a musician *gak* but I'm fascinated by this kind of minutae...): I was kinda turned on to all this when I recently read a piece about Sneaky Pete Kleinow's choice of tuning / methodology in The Flying Burritos Bros. His tuning was the reason why he got that great spacey, almost Sun Ra-ish out-there sound. Also, he was the first guy to play a pedal-steel thru a fuzz-pedal.

He was an animator too, apparently - it was his day-job - which is why he kept himself relatively straight n dry compared w/ the rest of the band. A quick Google on the topic reveals the fact that he worked on episodes of The Muppet Babies. Just when you think the world can't get any weirder, huh?


This is genius (and very funny):

Old cartoons from The New Yorker recaptioned with text from Kanye West's tweets.

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