Saturday, July 31, 2010

Nochexxx, Ben UFO & Co. @ The Rhythm Factory, next fri:


Chilly Gonzales, Chilly Gonzales.

Despite the 'modern' production values / sound pallette, there's something curiously old-fashioned about this; the way it's put together; the lyrical vibe. Reminds me of a handful of things, none of which I can particularly put a name to.

It won't change yr life, his music, but it makes me laugh.

He has a kinda scattershot, quasi-conceptual approach to building Pop records, which appeals to the part of me that likes 10cc. I like his vaguely Satie-ish piano pieces, tho the piano 'tone' on some of them kinda sucks. "Slow Down" is gloriously unashamably retro-kitschly lush - errrm, Steely Dan meets Christopher Cross - tho the attention to detail isn't quite there to that obsessive nth degree that I quite dig. That's gonna happen if you're a bit creatively restless, I suppose: the horizontal spread of ideas vs. vertical burrowing into needless detail. Cake vs. Eat It.


UFO. Slight return. Yeah, here, previously.

A song that never goes out of fashion. This is for Matt Woebot.