Thursday, July 22, 2010


Ha! Not LFO, but LBO.




This is beyond fucking awesome. I love the whole sense of 'otherness' that clings to this as an art-object. The music seems almost irrelevent - secondary - but it's not, of course; it's just part of a greater conceptual whole.

I dig the frenzied / frazzled bedlamite logic that pervades this, but also fuels it.

The only thing I can think of, of the top of my head, that has a similar feel - a sense of narrative derailment, of being soooo completely, utterly soaked in its own personal.mythic gasoline until it reaches the point of auto-ignition - is some of the films of Damon Packard. He also creates uniquely-deranged sound-and-vision bubble-worlds whose narrative logic feels like it might almost be able to underpin some sustainable alternative to consensual reality. It's a momentum thing, of course - the viewer / listener gets dragged along in its wake for a few minutes, buoyed up by its garishness and sense of gleeful abandonment; it feels weirdly / temporarily 'authentic' even as we are seduced by it's 'wrongness' feels like we've been sucked into a world that has consistent narrative 'rules' of some sort, an internal logic - even though it's completely preposterous and even revels in revealing its own underlying processes...

I also get a similar buzz from Jeff Keen's work.

It's the first thing I've seen for a while that might even be Visionary. Whatever that means.

It ticks pretty much every box I like having ticked. Cheesy and cheap to look at, yet wickedly and awesomely inventive; so, beautifully, beautifully Gone On. Garage Surrealism.

Thanks to Pete Um for hepping me to this. Apparently, it's the work of Goodiepal. I should've guessed, I suppose. Plenty of clues there (the swastikas; the whistling; the moustache; it's Danish - duh!!!), but I was too busy picking my jaw up off the ground to notice.

This is part of his ongoing Goodiepalisation of the Eventide H8000, I guess.