Wednesday, July 21, 2010


All hail the mighty Dylan Teague - who's as lovely a guy as he is awesomely talented!

He's just sent me an utterly wonderful illustration for a certain little project that - fingers crossed! - will hopefully appear later in the year. Right now, I have a very large grin on my face.

Which reminds me...

Dylan has a book out - an extremely cool French graphic novel written by David Chauvel and Christophe Bec - called "Le Casse: Diamond", which you can buy here. And you should.

There's some more info here (incl. some art).


Been really enjoying these - dunno quite what to call them - fairly minimalish atmospheric pieces of electronic music? - by my pal (artist / animator / film-maker / writer) Jase Daniels aka Vomitus Skink.

Bonus points for calling a track "I Found My Brother (Fuckin' a dead Fox)".