Saturday, July 17, 2010


As predicted in The Book of Yeovil, a new, long-anticipated, waiting-in-the-wings release by my old band Ice Bird Spiral finally surfaces as a split cassette with the awesomely-named electronics outfit Quill Diaper For Dioramic Undulating Mezzanine on the US tape label Scumbag Relations.

Even though Cloudboy and I have long-since moved on to new (and quite different) musical projects (plus, this was recorded ages ago), I'm v. supportative of this piece - it's a collaborative thing that I'm proud to have been associated with - a psychik bookend of the "Psychiacmc Bloems" css we released on the Flemish Funeral Folk label. I always felt the two belonged together as a pair.

The release-blurb reads:

"This is a single, multi-part Anti-Concept Piece (an UnRock Opera!) that takes the listener on a damaged day-out through a queasy seasick 1950's Brit seaside-town Punch n Judy performance, avant Blues Concrete, wyrmwood-addled monk.psych machine-music, ending in a beautiful accousssssmatic keyboards n cut-ups come-down. Features a special guest-appearance from nightmarish childrens-entertainer Mr. Sausages. You kids'll flip for this...!! "

But I think that may have been half-inched from something I wrote a while back lol.

A small handful of allies and close friends will have already heard this on a ltd tour CD-r thingy. But the cassette sounds fairly different - s'analogue, innit? - plus you get to check the loopy e-machine-stylings of Quill Diaper For Dioramic Undulating Mezzanine (Hi, Eric!).

Will the quite-frankly bonkers "Drug Opera" or *eeeek* "Kraakplast 1893 (Unlive/Dead)" ever come out...? Maybe, possibly, I hope so.

Anyways, I hope you check this one out. It still doesn't sound like anyone else I can think of.