Monday, July 05, 2010


Curved Air cancelled their Yeovil show three weeks ago, apparently. One of my friends phoned the venue today and found out. *gnashes teeth*

Nice one, Western Gazette. Let's hope their News section is more reliable.

So, instead I bought some v. strong Arabian coffee wh/ I have named Black Crack because it's so fucking strong. It's sooo damn dark that photons are unable to escape from its caffeine event-horizon.

It makes me teeth...I...nyyyahahahaha....

What like about it is that it makes me feel really evil. It's dark granular ruuuuussh makes me think sinister, evil thoughts.

And - you know what? - I fucking like it. I like being evil.

It's the caffeine equivalent of 90's Darkside 'Ardkore.

I'm not going to tell you the name of the brand because - quite frankly - I don't trust a weak-willed individual like yourself to make good lifestyle choices whilst you are in the grip of its beautifully-insidious, rich-aroma'd fist. Besides, now that I've got a jar I want all the rest for myself...!!!

Ngggggggggh! Ohhh, my heartsie! Nhahahahahghahagggg...

It cost two quid.

Two quiiid-d-d-duhh...


Via @Mike_Donachie: the artwork of veteran Scottish comic-book artist Dudley D Watkins has just been retrieved from the DC Thomson archives for the first time in decades.

Lovely, lovely stuff - a real artisan feel - especially those colour prints. They seem to glow with an unnatural light.

More work here.