Thursday, June 17, 2010



What's the blogging equivalent of Quantum Entanglement, I wonder?

A random thought generated by Nina passes thru KekSpace causing a sudden, unexpected change in Fritz's energetic writing.state!

Oh, allriiight...I know, I know: there's nothing even remotely quantum about the damn process - hyperbole's a habit w/ me - guess I'm just a lowly, slower'n light Classical Information Channel...

But - y'know what? - I love that whole blogadelic mexican-wave cum chain-letter thing where something ripples out and becomes something else. It's cool being a conduit.

Fritz sent me some chapbooks a while back - *proper* chapbooks done old school stylee - and they're really good...Fritz has nailed a particular variety of, I dunno, anecdotal quasi-travelogue type voice-thing where characters and incidents pile up on one another - and where the joy is in a good tale told well - but he's a sly old fox, is Fritz, and there's quite often a subtle layer of embedded morality half-hidden in the anecdotal-stream-o-postconsciousness, or a quiet lesson to be learned - a slight nudge or knock applied to his protagonists; the deftest of jolts or self-reappraisals - in amongst the beer-swiggin' campfire bullshittery...and it's that sudden understated moral undertow or twist that he applies at the end which adds a real shine to his work. I'm kinda envious of the ease at which his stories talk; the velocity n grace with which his narratives seem to bifurcate...but there's often that ahhhh, right aftertaste moment that stays w/ you when the words have skidded to a halt.

Despite the, uh, Holmesian titles, these tales have nothing to do with Doyle. My favourite of the three Fritz sent me is "The Paradol Chamber" and its eye-watering pepper-tasting trial...but its that last paragraph - with its bittersweet appraisal of a relationship/time long-passed - that really hits home, leaving a strange aftertaste of its own in the reader's mouth.


This is genius:

Was that - nah, couldn't be! Could it? - was that Tom Waites making a guest appearance on The Story of Tracey Beaker this morning?