Wednesday, June 16, 2010


1. Bird Costumes.

Nah, shut up n give it a chance. Something's going on here that I can't quite put me finger on: I like that slightly claustrophobic, darkly descending feel to "Freedom and Weep" a psychedelicised version of - *oooof!* - Bauhaus. Late Seventies / early Eighties; not Late Seventies / Eighties. Oppresive 'production', like a thick fug of...something hanging over the recording. Makes me think of "Kill City" for some reason.

"We Go..." is oddly plaintive. A slow spiral. The muggy sound hints at a similar compression of emotion. Reminds me, not so much of depression, but being on some really unpleasantly icky anti-depressants in the late 70s - brain sledgehammered by the very drugs that're supposed to, er, help it.

"Food Hole" - I mean, well, what the fuck - but

I like this shit and I don't care who knows.

Live, it's a bit more, well...abstract:

He's from Portland, Oregon. Y'don't say?

2. Manfred Mann's Earth band: "Nightingales & Bombers" LP.

Sits at some interstice of mid-70's Hard/Soft Rock, with some Proggy bits and a few genuinely weird/unexpected sound interluudes; an odd mixture of 'proper', relatively radio-friendly songs, frantic soloing and, uh, "why did Manfred just make that weird synth noise" moments. Ticks quite a few different boxes, yet doesn't feel too diffuse or contrived. I've had this on vinyl for over a year - quite liked it, but now really like it. It's just kinda clicked for me. Maybe it's the weather. Nah: it feels inventive - yet also poppy - in a way that most Modern Indie ain't.

Deeply, terminally unhip, but - really - who cares? Get over it.

3. Conrad Schnitzler. What's not to like about ol' Connie? But, jeez, when's this from - the early 80's? If I hadn't told you that you woulda thunk it's from "Selected Ambient Works VII" or sumthin'. Fool.

Like that, didja, bitch? Didja, huh!!? Well, here's another:

4. Caboladies.

"Aquarium Railroad": LOL. "Careful with that chorus pedal, Eugene."

caboladies at sonic celluloid (evanston) may 21st, 2009