Saturday, June 12, 2010

Nina Infinite Thought posts on having weird thoughts during illness. Actually, the only time I don't have weird thoughts is when I'm ill or have drunk myself into near-unconsciousness.

I really like this bit:

"Anyway, the best weird thought I had was for a kind of horror-gossip story whereby every time you mention somebody’s name, you temporarily become that person for a few seconds."

Feels like some Westernised maladaptation of assorted mid-00's Asian horror-film tropes; y'know, the viral stuff passed on via VHS-tapes, phones, texts, etc. Still, this feels different to the idea of, say, possession - where someone else's body is taken over from forces from outside - or a character like Deadman who originally inhabited a different person each episode for dramatic purposes...Quantum Leap also utilised a similar conceit.

This feels more like some sort of transference deal - where you actually become the person temporarily. I think Nina's idea has some narrative mileage. Inadvertent body-hopping, perhaps. But what happens to "you" when you're someone else? The body-swapping thing's been done to death (Big, etc); instead, I think this should be a complex chain of random gossip-triggered transferences that gets increasingly difficult to undo or reverse, with bizarre, embarrassing and potentially lethal consequences. Maybe it's a weird disease or something.

Says Nina: "It would be quite complicated to film, but if it were ever to come true it might make for interesting avoidance strategies..."

I love the way she just casually says "...if it were ever to come true..." lol.

Not entirely sure why I've posted this, but it feels like the idea has some underlying narrative use somewhere, so typing it up might allow it to percolate in me sub.conscious in some way.