Tuesday, June 08, 2010


Stencil courtesy of the mighty 2ND.FADE.


Punch-Drrrrunken Master Pev backflips off the porch of his "Jarvik Mindstate" LP and delivers another biff-bang kerwhallop double body-blow. With echo.

"Better Ways of Living": My God, this is fucking good.

Really nice fullsome clunky-sounding drums - and that's clunky, as in Post-Clonk (in the Sweet Exorcist sense of the term), not badly programmed. There's a bit of stray flange that dive-bombs the listener like a metal, delta-wing'd kite or one o'them Flying Guillotine thingies.

Fuck, I do like them drums.

Karate-chop key-stabs. Rim-shots that sound like an armed monkey trying to kick his way out of a wooden barrel. A blind pole-fighter hammers on the palace-gates demanding to be let in.

Blimey! He's taking this Punch-Drunk label-name thing a bit too seriously, I think. A right proper dance-floor dust-up.

"Fighting Without Fighting" - great title! - woaaaah, could this be even better? This is frantic, crazed stuff: a lone programmer sees off all-comers, lashing out with broken rata-tat-tat beats, echoes ricocheting off the temple walls, bodies n beats flying in all directions, white whiskers n eyebrows flapping in a slo-mo pressure-wave. Bullet-time Dancehall. Cunning, ingenious, exhausting to listen to.

2:15 in is the best keyboard line I've heard since The Chuuuung Dynasty. An Asian Version of the Residents mourn the loss of....something. Fabulous, fabulous stuff.

Hairs rise on back of me arms when I hear that organ-line.

Peverelist is the King of Some New Unnamed Science.



"What's a PoVid?"

My friend, the Texan film-maker Jayson Densman checks in with the answer:

"...just finished something unique called a PoVid...A Poetry Video. It is based on the work of a one John Edward Lawson up in Maryland. John is a published author/poet/editor and owns/operates Raw Dog Screaming Press along with his wife Jennifer Barnes. The PoVid was created to help re-introduce a general populous who don't read much creative literary works, if any at all. Especially the younger crowd. A good portion of us absorb classic and modern storytelling through movies and TV, and have put aside the pleasures of reading a good book or some excellent poetry. The idea is to mesh a poem (in this case, surreal/dark) with audio/visuals in a way that caters not only to the literary-appreciative bunch, but to those who may find a cool doorway into a world of some damn fine writers/artists. At least those are my hopes.

"Soooo, the link below is the first of three PoVids I'll be making, all based on Lawson's work. This particular one was written by J-Law in Maryland, the narration and sound bed by the great Kek-w in Yeovil, England and shot with a tiny camera here in Irving, Texas with Tom Young, actor extraordinaire.

"If ya dig this little 2 minute Thing and/or what we're trying to do with it, by all means please help promote it, link it, shoot it up a flagpole!"

"Where the Heart Isn't"