Friday, May 21, 2010

"The Wonders of the Human Body" by Bradley Sands.

I'm pretty sure Bradley based this story on me, damn him.


The Finnish 'electronic' label Erikoisdance is a long-time favourite of mine (check my blog archives if'n you think I'm jivin' ya).

Erikoisdance 14 is extremely very imminent. Tom Backström describes it as "a split CD-r full of demagnetized dub, freeform post-house and dedicated Yamaha-QY-100-only Berlin Groovebox Prog by Twisted Krister and Hauskat kotivideot, with pHinn Rautio of electro cvlt pHavourites Kompleksi doing guest vocals."

Kompleksi are another big ol' Finn fave of mine, btw. So whatcha waiting for, o fetid one? Get to it...

"Erikoisdance – online since 2010!" lol.