Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Been really getting back into The Raincoats recently; re-bought first LP on vinyl, blahblahblah. Their later stuff is sounding remarkably presient/contempo now: improv lo-fi Folk shapes, etc. Never saw them back in the day - tho saw Essential Logic, Slits - so was pretty fucking cool to finally see them the wkend before last.

Got to chat (very) briefly w/ Ana and Gina in the afternoon; no vinyl reissues imminent for 2nd/3rd LPs, unfortunately.

They were delayed in taking the stage that evening, so Gina came on, told a few jokes, chatted to the audience. "So, what about this Lib-Dem / Conservative alliance, then," she asked semi-rhetorically (this was before the Coalition was formally announced a couple days later...)

I guess there was getting on for a 800 - 1000 people in the venue (it was rammed) and her comment elicited one of the nastiest, most vicious bouts of booing and hissing I've ever heard. Not mock, pantomine villain hisses, but the sort of vitriol normally reserved for a child-murderer making a high-court appearance. Or the hey-day of Thatcher.

Really angry stuff.

And not just oldies, but teenagers / students up to 50-somethings. I don't think the Lib-Dems quite realise the degree of hatred they've unleashed at the grassroots level. Next election they'll be back to 20 seats again, if they're lucky. The Tories have fucked them completely and they're political pariahs. Unelectable again.

And The Raincoats?:

Well, they were as infuriatingly brilliant, dissonant, ramshackle, charming, untogether, entertaining, inspiring, off-the-wall, clueless, sussed, hilarious, exhilarating and darnright wonderful as ever.

The encored with the best version of "Lola" ever.

Gina Birch has just started selling these awesome hand-made bags with "Don't Be Mean" stitched onto them, but I'm not sure how you buy them because they don't seem to be on her website yet.

I'm going to have to get a couple for my daughters.


Some pictures of Viv Albertine playing live (courtesy of our good friend Bren):

"Snow White", or, uh, as it's better known:

"Aarne-Thompson folklore Classification Story Type 709".

We know most of these tales via The Brothers Grimm via Disney (Disney: the Google of its day: running round buying up childrens stories cheap and copyrighting them! (Whereas Google just, uh, digitises other people's work and 'borrows' it)), buuuuuuu-u-u-ut, the point here is that most of these tales are folklore aggregates - conglomerations of older ur-story threads n archetypes - they're meta-tales derived from ancient theme-clusters...each central European country / principality had its own local variant.

Viral stories.

Of course, if The Evil Queen or Snow White solved their own problems they'd be no conflict, no drama, NO STORY.

And no one to rescue Snow White / Cinderella / The Little Mermaid / Belle / etc.

But, hey, doesn't the Evil Queen / Stepmother Archetype deserve a happy ending too?

(Evil Queen = Partial-Witch / Proto-Goth. Isn't she more in step w/ modern sensibilities?)


Think I've found a plot hole in Snow White.

You know how the Evil Stepmother Queen is, like, totally vain and obsessed with her own (imagined?) fading middle-aged beauty, right?

And how she takes a potion and then turns into a hag in order to slip Snow White the poisoned apple?

Well, why didn't she just make a potion to make herself more beautiful, instead of ugly?

Just saying, is all.