Monday, May 17, 2010


There's going to be a hanging in Yeovil this week.

I should explain that I, uh, mean this in an art-gallery sense; as in: hanging a picture.

The Hacker Farm collective are contributing to an exhibition that kicks off this thursday at The Octagon (hence the "Project O" pseudo-nomer I've been using for the last few weeks). Most of the other artists are working in visual media, paintings, etc, but we're wading in with an audio-installation which plays manipulated field-recordings thru a series of hand-made / purpose-built amplifiers and speakers. The "farmyard sound-system" I posted some pics of recently.

This afternoon, Farmer Glitch n I popped into the venue to check out the lay of the land, measure the lengths of leads we'd need, etc and also to road-test and tweak the Glitchster's audio-mix, before dumping the files onto the set of USB-powered mp3-players that'll be hosting the sonic-data for the duration of the exhibition.

(The Farmer's been testing the big churn by playing Prince Far-I records through it. No, really...I love the fact that you can see the words "YEOVIL DAIRY" through the layer of rust.)

Then, a quick visit to B&Q to score some plastic conduit to cover up the loose wiring for later in the week. But - hey! - what the fuck's that over there in the corner...? A bird-house with a volume-control!

It was pretty damn cool (and surreal) wandering round the cafe-bar space upstairs and being followed by the sound of assorted electroaccoustic drones, bleeps and cow-moos from my brother-in-laws' dairy-farm down in Hardington Marsh.

Once we crack the perpetually-changing live quad-mix, then we'll syphon off some audio for this:

It's udder-worldly.


Chihei Hatakeyama. Also: here. Tokyo-based Ambient / Electroacoustic composer.

Not exactly, y'know, life-changing, but some nice, quality old-school drone-age. He's appearing at The Cube, in Bristol, on the 20th, along with Pausal (who're getting major Ambi.props right now) and Herve.

(A laptop and bassoon collaboration; I like the sound of that...)