Sunday, May 16, 2010


RIP R J Dio, the Man with The Devil Horns hand-gesture:

Facebook, an online Deadzone / shrinkwrapped cybergraveyard w/in 18 months, or just wishful thinking on my part?


"Iran Editions"; or How Apple Outsourced Censorship to Paper Magazines Desperate To Conform to eTablet.Tyranny.

Magazines are dying - let's not be coy about this - yet they are queuing up to self-filter their content so they might have some presence in the glorious MacJobs AfterLife.

"No nipples! No nipples! No nipples!"

It's true: imagine a scenario - in ten years or so - where, between them, Google and Apple own everything....all your books, music, comics - anything that can be tranformed into content.

This is just one of the reasons I want to go in the opposite direction. Make analogue copies of digital things. Physicalise the invisible.

Make data into something real.

Christine Pearson in The New York Times: "Neuroscientists tell us that dividing our attention between competing stimuli instead of handling tasks one at a time actually makes us less efficient..."

Not if you're a writer.

Clarify: not if you're a writer / artist / 'creative' type who spends n% of waking time creating multiple ideas, plots, characters, scenarios - conceptualising stuff, juggling ideas prior to more trad. typing type activities; engaging in activities where procrastination is pretty much a way of life, yet yr constantly under heavy manners of - *cue ominous film-music* duhhh-duhh-duhhhhh - DEADLINES...

In that sort of situation I'd say that multiple concurrent project activities can actually speed things up, since you can play the different projects off against one another - procrastinate on one or more, while working on 'favoured' project/activity; solve problems subconsciously on Project A or B, while doing admin or dull keyboard-bashing stuff on Project C.

As my good friend Skipper Webb always says: "If you want something done, ask a busy man."