Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Martin from the Beyond The Implxde blog was up all of election-night pseudo-tweeting on Blogger. At around 4:45am, he posted:

"Let's try a psychic experiment. I will Kid Shirt to have a dream about managing a mermaid pop group. He's on tour with them in Atlantis, and one of them develops a smack habit, so he persuades the others to record a hard house version of Stimmung. If Kid Shirt reads this post tomorrow, and he really did dream about it, we'll know its possible to gatecrash peoples' heads while they're asleep."

Nah. Sorry, Martin, don't remember having that dream.

But I have started writing a 3 x LP Rock Opera using some of your psychically-projected ideas.

Changed Atlantis to Lemuria. The plot needed some baddies, see? Gonna get a local pub band to record it. Keep it lo-fi and cheap. Going for an aquatic Chas n Dave vibe.

Former Page-3 models as the mermaids.

I'll split the publishing with ya.

Psi-mail me, yeah?



"This is Radio Free Yeovil broadcasting from exile on Frequency-D...

This is Radio Free Yeovil...Radio Free Yeovil...the voice of the True British Government-in-Exile broadcasting from 19F3....

Is there anyone there? Can you hear me...the dead are all around us...they're everywhere now..."

This tune is for our friend and fellow exile John Eden who sounds like he could do with some cheering up right now:

I'm locked down and ready for the shitstorm. I ain't going anywhere, people.

Holler if you need me.