Tuesday, May 04, 2010


V. interesting unintentional (?) typo from Simon Reynolds:


Haintology: Now, that I can work with.

Round our way - in the deep, dark limbostreets and murky slurry-filled autumncopses of S. Somerset - "Hain't" is local.vocal shorthand for "It ain't".

As in: "Hain't wot you fink it is."

Haintology it is, then.



So, my friend Jayson Densman sends me a cryptic mail that says: "Who is The King of Zombies?"

Being a windbag, I reply:

"Do you mean: who's the King of Zombie Film-making?

"Well, for sheer utter consistency and brilliance and duty to gore-making and creating endless new zombie-fuelled narative subtexts...

"It has to be George Romero !!!"

So, Jay mails me back and says "That's the correct answer!"

And he sends me this:

At this point, I fall off my chair.

Mr. George Romero is The King. King of the Zombies.

He's the fucking Gov'nor.

I can still remember seeing "Night of The Living Dead" at a comic-con in the mid-70s like it was yesterday. I can remember exactly where I was when I saw all his Zombie flicks. And "The Crazies" too; I loove "The Crazies". There's not many films you can say that about; that they leave an indelible mark on your mind, stay with you down thru the years.

Being a director himself, Jayson kept all of George R's fluff-takes lol. He said: "I woulda got you Carpenter too, but the queue was too long" lol.

George might be the King of Zombies, but Jayson is the King of The Dudes.

Bless ya, man.