Sunday, May 02, 2010


My friend Farmer Glitch has been extremely busy lately, putting together the physical infrastructure for what I currently call Project O. Beautiful, aren't they?

Coming to a, er, gallery-space near you soon!


Apparently, my short story "Getting Old" got what's known in the biz as An Honorable Mention in Datlow's 2009's BEST HORROR LIST.

So did several hundred million other stories, so I'm not gonna blow too much smoke out my arse about it, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't pleased about being included and, quite frankly, I could do with a few excuses to spark up a cigar right now.

It's in the Bare Bone #11 paperback anthology, which is still available here from Raw Dog Screaming Press.

Ah, screw it, here's an opening-scene teaser:

Sure, you all know the routine, the drill. Hop a slab-wagon out of Division and head downtown with a cup of cold coffee and the Dust 'em Down Boys. Hang back when you get there, take your time. Light a cigarette, swap some small-talk with the uniforms while they tape off the snuff-scene. No one's going anywhere.

"What have you got for me, Todd?"

"Small-time extortionist, name of Larry French. Professional strike-breaker, low-rent tough guy. Made a living from shaking down bakeries and grocery-shops. Looks like he finally picked on the wrong guy. Somebody gave him a bellyful of twelve-gauge bird-shot for his trouble. How's Linda?"

We follow a trail of blood-soaked gravel across the lot until we find a body tangled up in an old plaid work-shirt. Don't ask me why, but the guy tried to take it off while he was dying. "Oh, you know. Fine."

"And the kids?"

"They're fine too."


Abismo Humano nÂș4, ghost-edited by my friend Ruela.