Saturday, April 10, 2010


Hmmm, yeah... sorry I keep posting YouTubes - seems kinda flimsy - but been digging this piece by Eggboy that Pete Um flung out into th'ether earlier:

I was Tweetin' a bit about this earlier - and 'pologies for repeatin' - but what I liked about the music and the imagery was that (and I mean this in a totally non-pejorative way) is that they're both very unassuming - unflashy, yet kinda quietly touching - it's soft n drifty - a little dreamlike - but also quietly propulsive. I dig the sense of onwards motion it invokes. Its implied inner narrative.

But what really got the hairs climbing up my arms was the fact that both the music and the vid seemed at points to uncannily soundtrack/physicalise a short story that I'm currently grinding down to its end-point. Watching/listening to this was like seeing a work-in-progress trailer for something that's currently only being shown in the inside of my skull. Yeah, I know I'm only projecting my own intentions on someone else's work, buuu-ut there are a coupla blink-n-miss-'em scenes that are almost frame-pure re-enactments of things I typed up a couple weeks back. Weirdly synchronistic.

Irregardless of all that, it holds up v. beautifully as a piece in it's own right.

I'm told that Ed (right??) specialises in blurred/damaged photography/8mm work. Nice one. Another ally in the anti-digital war. (Well, kinda...after all, we're all slaves to YouTube, etc)

The EggLab. Another Cambridge boy, or so it seems. nuffink wrong wi' that.