Thursday, March 25, 2010


...and our good Argentine friend Aphra Kadabra checks in w/ news of a new release by Vlubä on Chocolate Monk: "Tomá... Vlubääbulv!"

"The return of these Argentinian psych mountain mind men. Here we find them grabbing about on the dirt stage, eyes pleasantly bulged on spiked yerba mate, no doubt sipped from a skull-shaped gourde. Space cave yodelling is backed up with the fungal shimmering of a guitar on its last legs & the kind of drumming that gets you kicked out of the tribe. This world below is slowly being bathed by the syrupy transmissions from their Chrome Moon studios. Watch out for flying flutes and objects, not to mention mesmerism, burbiling ritual & elementary feets. Now excuse me while I nail a toad into this beard."

Yep: that sounds about right!


New s/titled LP from Sloath about to drop on Riot-Season: should tickle the disembodied entrails of those of you who enjoy a nice bit o'sludgily-ecstatic Stoner-Doom.