Monday, March 15, 2010


"Abandon All Art Now!": ah, that'll be Farmer Glitch's car, then!

Have I remembered me ironing-board? Yep!

(Actually, I went and 'hired' this meals-on-wheels, mobile 1970's zimmerfoodtray thing from the YMCA charity-shop down the road to put all me junk on, but forgot to take a photo of it; wish I'd bought it now - it was great! - but I'm running out of room to store all me crap!)

Some of the Farmer's wonderful array o'hand-hacked kit and squelchboxes:

Okay, then, if we've got everything, then we'll just have to get on and play the damn show! A cross-section thru the middle of our set, footage courtesy of Kid Kid Shirt, aged 9:

And what a great job she did too, despite her 5yr-old sister mugging into the camera and pulling faces to put her off lol! There's this brilliant bit at the beginning that sounds like bloody Throbbing Gristle or something, but all these 5yr-old kids are dancing to it - with their hands over their ears!

A really great day! It was a bit weird for me playing in civvies without some elaborate costume or mask - I'm saving the lo-fi theatricals, etc for future Orchestra Intangible '73 shows - but I really enjoyed it. I've known The Farmer for so long now that it felt more like just goofing off in public on a sunny day rather than a performance. V. relaxed stuff. Luckily we were playing right next to the pub, so our friends and family could sup their pints in the sunshine and just hang out.

No keyboards or laptops were used in the making of this: my own antique, 2ndhand Dellslab refused to boot - only finally firing up as the last note of the show died away; as if to make some sort of obscure conceptual point! So I made rattling noises on the QWERTYboard with a contact-mic instead. Farmer G brought a Mac to record the show, but didn't have enough time to plug it in, so we had two dead lappies on display lol.

Thanks to Jesus Pete and Ian from The Orange Box for the PA and mixage, our pals for much-appreciated support and to the Yeaovil Live folks for asking us to play.