Friday, March 12, 2010



So, it seems we have a space for Hacker Farm. We have tables, power, shelter from the rain, etc. I like to think that this is due - in part, at least - to Fritz Bogott performing some sort of lighter vs insulation Melting Ritual on our behalf.

Lots of interesting ideas flying around today - plus: we kept 'accidentally' bumping into all the right people. Pronoia, innit.

Now we need people, not ideas. The plan is to have up to six initial work-sessions - probably friday afternoons - in the spring, with some sort of inaugural meeting kicking it off.

If you're interested in attending - or just interested - then drop us a line at:

hackerfarm [dot] yeovil [at] gmail [dot] com

and we'll include you on our mail-outs as n when this all starts to take shape.

For the next few hours it's all about tomorrow's Junkcrunch open-air show, so time to sort out me leads n kit, charge up batteries, fold up the ironing-board, etc. We'll be hitting the, uh, stage at about 3:15-ish Yeovil Meantime, down at the bottom end of town - the bit that used to be called The Triangle when I was a kid, but no longer seems to have a name - by Woods Wine-Bar / Stars Lane / the old Mecca Bingo Hall.

I thought we would just be kinda playing to passing pedestrians, like a sort of sound-art event that people walk past on their way to the pub or the shops, but now people are threatening to turn up and watch us!

That wasn't in my contract!


An interview w/ Darren Bauler, one of my favourite postmultimedia ideas-people in the world (I hate to say 'musician', because what he does is so multi-layer'd n far beyond that tag) by April (an early Colin Tubb adopter!).

"April Larson is the surface world representative of a tribe of Jalaja-nāgā located within Atchafalaya Bay along the cost of Louisiana." Lol: gotta love that!

Darren and I are talking about building (or rather reconstructing/reconfiguring) a ballet together, hopefully later this year when other stuff stops getting in the way.

I interviewed him for FACT a couple years ago, but I've been a big fan of his recordings for a while now. I think he's 'important' in some way that I haven't quite figured out how to express yet.

Foxy Digitalis still rules. Fiercely.

We have meetings and stuff today. Fingers crossed.