Monday, March 08, 2010


Live-to-Aether today is the latest ish (#9!) of Rudy's Rucker's seriously awesome eZine FLURB.

Danny Rubin! Adam Callaway! Rudy Rucker! Paul Di Filippo! Robert Guffey! Philip Harris! Richard Lupoff! Alex Roston! Jessy Randall! Chris Shay! Mari Mitchell! Kathe Koja! Carter Scholz!

And, er... me.

Yep: FLURB #9 features my story "Search". Hope you enjoy it; it's kinda personal.

Props to Rudy for putting together another excellent issue; he puts a lot of heart and soul into FLURB as well as behind-the-scenes sweat n effort. Rudy's Dudeness is as legendary as his writing.

You should buy some of his books.

A picture-book of his paintings has just recently gone on sale at LuLu. And I think his autobiography might be coming out later in the year - keep an eye out for that and his forthcoming novel "Jim and the Flims".

Meanwhile, my old story "Cobalt Imperium" is still available to read in #7 of FLURB.