Tuesday, February 23, 2010


(Pics courtesy of internationally-acclaimed wildlife photographer Skipper Webb. I kept the date-stamps in cos it made it look like it was from some really strange cctv-footage or an old 80's vision-mixer lol.)

It's hard for me to express just how much I fucking enjoyed playing at this. My wife never ceases to totally amaze and inspire me; she's a complete natural; an intuitive.

Thanks to Rasha, Matt, Chiz, Mark and the gang for inviting us. Wish I had an audio or vid-recording of it, but the studio album's sounding mighty fierce and fine to me right now.

Yes, Orchestra Intangible '73 is my new/latest schtick, though is still evolving. The show was underpinned by the live, improvised manipulation of parallel streams of found-sounds generated by me three months ago, the mid-90s and 1979/1980 (I had no idea what was coming at me at any given moment, so had to build it all on the fly; it was like wresting an invisible octopus, but terrific fun). I also channelled myself aged 11 playing the clarinet (rehersals slightly scuppered by a heavy cold which played havoc with me lung capacity). Chris was absolutely superb, I thought, on contact-mic'd toy-kettle and out-sourced eukele bow-werk.

The '73 in the band-name has NOTHING to do with nostalgia; it's a Personal Totemic Power Number. Also a nod to The Discontinuum and various African musical groups. Plus: it sounds cool. The project is all about, er, healing, self-reconciliation and ego-surrender; fwd-movement and anti-nostalga, even though the hemi-karmickal reincorporation of my own previous incarnations may superficially appear to be a backward-looking geasture. Heh.

Very chuffed to be on a bill w/ some extremely cool artists - a bunch o'talented folks who are able to express themselves confidently in ways that I never could: more on them soon as I get a sec. I just loved those photos sooo much I wanted to put them up asap.