Saturday, February 20, 2010



Man Like 2ND.FADE mails in what will be the third episode of our OPEN UNIVERSITY comic-strip and - my! - terrific stuff it is too. Starting to see the characters fall into place; roles being assumed; the beginnings of a disfunctional family unit. It's lovely when things like this happen; when the unexpected puts in an appearance; things evolve...

I say it's the third episode, but it's not the third one chronologically speaking - we're doing samples, see? Trying on clothes for size - so the little micro-arcs we're tentatively putting together are appearing out of order at first, but this is all good...

I'd love to show you some teasers, but...well, soon, but not quite yet....when we're ready; when this has finally found an official home...

Lovely to see Vic from the Colin Tubb strip putting in a guest appearance. An accidental cross-over lol!

This would be a good time to re-mention the fact that I'm still looking for artists for a couple other strips I've got in the pipe-line. They're both short-ish things...

The first is a series of interlinked stand-alone one-pagers - roughly 5 panels per episode. I'm looking for someone who can draw gawky 17 year-old college girls in a non-sexualised manner: y'know, the first year college girls you see trudging round town in their moon-boots and bangles and armfuls of folders, tapping on phones, chattering about boys and the unfairness of life; someone who can capture that gauche, self-conscious, self-absorbed coupla years that we all go through. I need you to be an up n coming Brit Hernandez Bros: clear-line, semi-naturalistic, good eye for character and clothes detail; suck in all that Indie.Pop/fashion paraphernalia, enjoy drawing chip-shops, small-town high-streets, college corridors. Teenage girls endless walking, walking, talking (but with a twist I can't go into here). I think this would be a Black n White strip, maybe with tones.

Could you be that person? If you are, then contact me.

I had my eye on Kev Levell (here's one reason why); but he's too busy. He's going to be a guy to watch over the next year or two, I reckon.

I also have a need for someone to draw a 3-panel newspaper style strip in a slightly more cartoony/minimalistic style. Think: a punkier/rawer take on Berger & Wyse. The successful candidate would need to be able to draw semi-convincing 'toon takes on assorted celebrity ninny-actors. I think this would be a colour one, but I'm keeping my mind open. Black n White first and see where it goes.

Send me some head and shoulder-shots of Matt Damon, please. Slightly quirky obv., but try'n be professional about it; imagine yr pitching to a quality newspaper or magazine rather than self-publishing a photocopied fanzine. Imagine you have a breakfast-table, slightly left-of-centre readership. Let's try and actually get fucking paid for these things, okay?

Dan Poeira would be good on this one, I reckon. I just can't get his Mickey Rourke pic out of my head.


John Brunner is an much underrated/over-looked Brit SF writer who stood slightly to the side of the late 60's/early 70's New Wave, which may explain why he's perhaps not remembered as well as some of his contemporaries. He lived in the village of South Petherton (about 7/8 miles from Yeovil and home to Farmer Glitch!) for a while in the early/mid-70s. Almost impossible to imagine now that there was once a South Petherton SF Writers Group / Association (dunno if it ever had a formal title), who used to sometimes assemble round Dom Zero / Lurch's folk's house, with various writers like Christopher Priest, James Blish and Sam Delaney dropping in for drinks, etc when they were in the area.

I told you it's kinda strange around our way.


"Under the influence of Hindu cosmology, she is calmly sawing the 18th of February off of 3102." - Robert Nowhere.


Woofah #4: on sale now!!!

The UK's premier Dubstep/Dancehall/Grime/Bashment magazine: 92 fucking pages for £4 - awww, c'mon: you'd be crazy not to buy it.

Features the live debut of "Colin Tubb, He Talks in Dub" by yrs truly and artist 2ND.FADE.

Why're you still even reading this post?