Sunday, February 14, 2010


Radio silence for next day or so - no real difference here then, except a sense of impeding significance that seems to hover over me lol (My ShirtSense is tinglin' !) - as I head off to this....

Rehearsals have gone incredibly well...but I'm v. superstitious, so that means the live show prob. won't, huh? So, now I have to take assorted obsessive-compulsive fetish-objs, talismans (talismen?), curse-shields, etc, etc to ward off inverse.vibe.storm, heh.

Valentine's Day, so instead of taking my wife to some cheesy supper-joint or pint-and-a-roast-for £4.99 balsa-wood I get mine to dress up as a giant [you'll have to come along to find out] and perform on stage. Who says romance is dead? Actually, dressing up as a giant [you'll have to come along to find out] was mostly her idea....I threw some stuff up in the air and she ran with it. She's a pretty amazing chick.

Bundling kids off to unimpressed relative in a minute. This is only about the 3rd time ever they've been on a sleep-over, ever since Kid Kid Shirt built a particle-accelerator from some chucked-away stuff she found in her auntie's dustbin. The village is now completely radioactive and abandoned to a handful of M.O.D. personnel in ABC suits. It's like a new episode of Quatermass.

Kid Kid Kid Shirt likes to sing all night in her bed, so no one - apart from the deaf and the senile - will give her lodgings. I will stop now before I start sounding like Tim fucking Dowling.