Friday, February 12, 2010


This is what all the fuss is about. 1980, I think.... maybe we should do the third ish thirty years after we left off. Same paper, still priced at 20p, even though that will pretty much bankrupt us cos it won't even cover the postage lol. I think it's important that it's "still 20p".

I tried to explain the concept of Sherman Adverse to Fritz Bogott last night, but couldn't.

The mag was also kinda (in-)famous too: Lurch used to house-share with Jim Thirlwell and there were unsold copies of HD everywhere, so I think that prompted the line "...getting buried under a pile of Human Debris..." in the Foetus song "Descent into the Inferno."

Not bad for some clueless hick-kids from the sticks.

I'll dig out a copy of # 1 sometime.