Wednesday, February 03, 2010


The first rule of Hacker Farm is you, uh, don't talk about Hacker Farm.

It's not happened yet - Hacker Farm, I mean - but when it does I'll tell you about it. I'm almost scared to mention in case I jinx it in some way.

The idea kinda drifted out of some conversations Farmer Glitch n I have been having about stuff...and then some weird coincidental things started drifting n clicking into place, then a thought started congealing in the Farmer's hay-stuffed head and - blugger me - he started running with it.

So, uh, Hacker Farm. I can't talk about it. Yet.

But I'm hoping if we can will this thing into existence, then...

Remember all that hot air n guff I spouted here and on Beyond the Implode about how the best things are usually right under yr nose, and how every small town has its compliment of bedroom tape-manglers, outsider musicians, wannabe electronics boffins and noise-ists? There's a few round here and they've been moaning for years that there's nowhere for them to play or hang out. Well, suppose there was? Suppose there was a place they could go to meet like-minded weirdoes, socialise n network, learn new skills and methodologies (and teach us theirs) and build stuff...

Well, a place like that might be, well, a Hacker Farm.

Of course, there are places like that in cities - arts centres, workshops, co-operatives - but nothing like that in the glorious microblip of a town I live in.

So, imagine what might happen when you start bring interesting local people together, fire them up - give them permission to do something - and give them resources.

That'd be a Hacker Farm, I reckon.

It's just a silly, impossible dream, I know. I'd love to talk about it, but I can't.

Not yet.