Wednesday, January 27, 2010


The iPad / Apple Tablet is the first product by, I mean Apple that has ever interested me, tbh. Despite the hype, I was actually kinda curious about what might be in it. I wondered if it might be a tool that I could use, but seems like it's just an oversized iPhone, blahblahblah. Silly me. So I'm back to sneering and sniping at Jobs & Co. from the side-lines again. For a second there I almost bought into The Lie. Sometimes, you just wanna believe.

Some of the apps do interest me, tho. Especially that Renaisance Bassoon Emulator thingy.

Guess I'll just have to learn to play a real one.

Anyway, pleased to see that not everyone on the planet greeted the New MeMeMeMustHavePad with idiot glee: the guys at Defective by Design protested outside the launch. Good for them.