Monday, January 25, 2010


Ye Gods! (and Goddesses too; in fact, a whole pantheon of the fuckers) It appears there's some sort of - dare I say it - (eeeek!) interview with me over on Not The Real Beyond The Implode. Or rather - Part One of it, 'cos I'm such a fucking gasbag when I get going.

I recognised that Bikini Mutants css cover straight away: our old friend Wilf - now sadly departed and much missed - drew the cover. I'd recognise his style anywhere. Wilf's memorial in St. John's church - with his best pal Steve B the vicar doing the eulogy (he mentioned The Situationists and Jack Kirby in the same sentence!) and the post-funeral gathering on Wyndham Hill for all his old friends, with Wilf's paint-splattered old boots hanging from the trees and Steve banging an old stick like he was Gandalf....well, that was one of the most amzing and emotionally-charged things I've ever been to.

*lump in throat moment* even after all these years.

Thanks to Martin for doing this. He's a card, that lad. Had me in stitches yesterday with his description of cockneyblogger haircuts. Well, I did ask...