Sunday, January 10, 2010


OoooKay, so the Werneck-Wretchmond CD-r "Oneiric Hardware" is now up n ready to go. Forty minutes of machine-based strangeness. It's electronic music, kinda. Review copies have been despatched (shout me up if you're def. gonna write about it on yr blog; use some of the music in a film, ballet, etc lol)

Here's an extract from the Official 19F3 Press Release:

The first release from West Country-based Non-Boutique Nano-Label 19F3 is Oneiric Hardware – a CD of manipulated field-recordings sourced entirely from server-arrays, hard-drives and PC peripherals from Belo Horizonte, Brasil and Yeovil, Somerset.

The resulting pieces are a curious fusion of the mechanistic and the organic: a series of REM-sleep sirensongs built from whirring servos, damaged cpus and haunted read-write heads. Ghost-Industrial Music.

Sound-files rub up against each other to create accidental textures, rhythms, harmonics and voices. A chance meeting on a PC World Customer Service Desk of a zip-drive and a storage drum. REM Vs. RAM.

File under: machines that go bump in the night, ferromagnetic nightmares, head crashes, somnambulant automata, data archeology/salvage, disaster recovery, nocturnal back-ups, random-access retrieval, Music for PS/2 Ports.

There will be a special bonus floppy-disk edition of this release if there is, uh, sufficient demand.

Track Listing:

1. SCSI-Based Sleep System No. 3.
2. Hippocampal Blade Array.
3. The ERA.
4. Diabolo 31.
5. Winchester (1973).
6. I, RAMAC.
7. 2.5tb Polysomnographical REM-Partition.
8. Aethernet.

Like all 19F3 Project/Product-Objects the music on Oneiric Hardware is co-owned by the contributors. It can be bought directly from 19F3 and is available for licensing and so forth to friends/allies/etc by some as-yet still-vague Post-Capitalist Micro-Distributive Barter-Exchange mechanism (Dudes’ Charter). Physical media will be used wherever possible. Your co-operation in not putting this music on the internet is much appreciated. I Know It’s only Rock n Roll, But…etc, etc.

Professor Dan Poeira owns the Sole Everything Rights to this release for the Southern American Continent. Play It Loud, Play It Proud.

More on the 19F3 manifesto and forthcoming releases v. soon incl. the much-delayed, but amazing compilation CD "Local Horse Artist" wh/ features a plethora of freakish talent from Finland, Flanders, the US, the UK, Australia and Argentina. I had various problems with producing / replicating the cover-art, there were tracks that I wanted to use, but couldn't track down the artists to get permission (or bands had split); all compounded by a serious lack of spare time on my part. However, I now finally (as of about a week ago) - as Marx once said - control the means of production and distribution, so: "Nano-Label Ahoy!!!!"

I'll be selling copies of this CD (and others) at live shows (tho not performing material from it); meanwhile, you can score a copy directly via the Kid Shirt blog. Just press the button below and send me a little piece of your soul; it really is that easy, sinners.

I've tried to keep this product-object as cheap as possible, but I do need to at least recoup the cost of printer-ink, CD, stamps and so forth. Hopefully Two Quid plus postage (a quid in the UK; two abroad) isn't too painful. Wish I could do it cheaper. Some of the future releases will be made from recyclables, where possible (and I'll try and make stuff as handmade / customised as my schedule allows). Always happy to personalise stuff, if possible. I'll probably do the odd, surprise one- or two-off versions of things.

Oh yeah: there's gonna be a bonkers ltd edition of "Local Horse Artist".

CD Price (plus Postage)


Speaking of which...

SYLVESTER ANFANG II 'Satan likt mijn hielen '

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