Saturday, January 09, 2010


Ah, fuck it...the gin's flowing, so I've re-booted that last post into a kinda playlist for this evening...mostly vinyl with one 'lil cassette. If the pictures look kinda weird and blurry then that's because I took them next to a functional disco-light lol - cos that's how I like to listen to this stuff.

That Yes album is completely ripping me stupid right now and I make no apologies for that...right, onto the next batch of LPs. The evening's still young.

I should mention, however, that my youngest daughter - Kid Kid Kid Shirt, aged 5 - is labouring under the misconception that The New Seekers are actually Silvester Anfang... the cover has her completely fascinated. She keeps staring at it, as if she knows...

"Dad, is that your band friends who came over from another country and stayed...?"

Hmmmm: yep, I can see the similarities.

The New Seekers: Funeral Folk recording acts.