Friday, November 19, 2010


So, then, I don't suppose anyone would loan their helicopter to ferry The Remarkable Doctor Circle Brophy and myself to the Sun Araw show at The Croft in Bristol tonight? Mine's being serviced.

No...? Didn't think so.

He'll prob. never play the UK again. Ah, well, never mind.

My APB for local drivers willing to deliver us to the venue has fallen on stoney ground. The most encouraging answer I got was: "Sunn O))) are playing The Croft...???!!!"

"No. Sun Araw."

"Oh. Who?"

So I shall content myself with, uh, doing whatever thankless task it is that I do on a friday evening, punctuated by the occasional James Brown-on-his-knees style weep. Which is pretty much what I did when I found I couldn't make it to the Dolphins Into The Future show a few weeks back.

But enough! Self-pity doesn't suit me. Besides, you can't buy it in purple. Well, not in my size.

In other breaking Bad News, I found a Hudson-Ford single this afternoon that I didn't have. Oh much joy!

But it was scratched to fuck.

Bring on the dancing horses...the ones with people inside them.


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