Tuesday, October 12, 2010


My old pal Dom Zero is back blogging again after a period in the wilderness being tempted by Satan, etc.

He 'fessed up that he'd been lurking on Facebook for a while. "You get more comments there," he explained. But I think he's finally come to the conclusion that facebook's a bit shit. Sometimes I think I'm the only person in the world who's not on Facebook. I think I kinda like that.

So go and leave some comments on his blog.

Nice ones, otherwise he'll hunt you down and kill you. Slowly.

(Sorry, I meant he'd kill you slowly, not hunt you down slowly. That would be a, actually, that's probably what he would do. He'd smoke a lot and think about what he was going to do when he found you. You can't hurry some things...)

Anyway, I think he hung Stewart Lee. With a noose or an old coathanger, I'm not sure which.

Actually, I've no idea who Stewart Lee is. Presumably, he's famous or something.


At 6:03 pm, Blogger Dominic Zero said...

Aw, nice words. Cheers v much. At some point I will sort you out a copy of 'Stewart Lee : 90s Comedian'. It's fucking out there.
I'm liking the idea of hunting people down...slowly.
And yes..Facebook is a bit shit..but I do like the attention and I'm very neeeedy.

At 9:35 pm, Blogger farmer glitch said...

Welcome back to the Blogsphere sir - maybe I need to do the same - if I can get me arse in gear that is !!

At 7:06 pm, Blogger Dominic Zero said...

Go for it FG. I had forgotton how theraputic it is.


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