Tuesday, October 26, 2010


So, yeah, we're part of this multi-artist exhibition thing at The Brewhouse Theatre in Taunton. There's about four different artists / groups involved and over the next couple weeks or so, the cafe-space'll gradually fill up with a mixture of their various work, incl. ours.

Yesterday was a kinda set-up / in-house production day for us. We gotta a lot of stuff done, but there's still a bit o'tidying-up / finishing to be done. Another group had blagged the main video-projector, so we've been loading a bunch of audio-video stuff (archival live footage, The Moovie, animated junk, etc) onto SD-cards and hustling / hosting our work on a series of digital picture-frames...

It's looking pretty cool, though.

Farmer Glitch is, I haveta say, some sorta Jedi Master on the ol' Final Cut Pro.

For anyone thinking of swinging in and taking a look, I think some more wall-mounted bits'll be going up in the next coupla days and maybe also the sound-piece we presented at The Octagon, Yeovil, tho thru the house system this time, not the bespoke speaker-churns and so forth. It's a gradual finishing-off type thing, but I'm guessing it'll mostly be there by the weekend.

On - I think - November 3rd (next wednesday), they'll be projecting a film-piece of ours on the outside of the theatre during the evening; some time between 6 and 8-ish, I believe. More info when I know myself - we're all kinda making this up as we go along.

Thanks to Katie & Co. for inviting us to show our work.

A Hacker Farm Flickr site should be along shortly...


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