Thursday, October 14, 2010


Title track of what's probably my favourite Groundhogs' LP. The guitar really kicks off around 4:25-ish, but I like the whole piece, the fact it's sectioned off into discrete parts. The second part sounds curiously Proto-New Wave / Post Punk in its starkness. Tony McPhee is such a hugely underrated guitarist; tragically neglected, almost a lost figure in UK music.

I've mentioned on this blog before about Groundhogs' influence on The Fall - as well as the couple covers they've done, there are all sorts of sidereal linkages and lyrical / musical steals goin' on...

Was talking to Matt Woebot about Groundhogs a few weeks ago - he digs this LP too. The CD reissue comes with some bonus early 70's live tracks. I'm not a fan of CDs - especially extended ones which distort the shape of classic LPs, but there's so little in the way early-70's Live Groundhogs performances around - and they were such a ferocious (and inventive) band during that period - that I can forgive it in this instance. Can't beat the vinyl, though.

McPhee was due to play in Yeovil about a year or so ago and I was v. excited by the prospect of seeing him play live, but he cancelled due to illnesss in the end.


At 3:22 am, Blogger Jason Gusmann said...

love the groundhogs! "thank christ" is an awesome song but nothing (in my opinion) could possibly beat "cherry red". that falsetto! those solos!

At 8:10 pm, Blogger I am not Kek-w said...

Yea, man!

Been nicely surprised by handful of mails / tweets from folks saying how much they dig Groundhogs - Mr. McPhee's more appreciated than I realised, which gives me nice warm fuzzzzzy feeling.

Good on you, peeps.


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