Friday, October 01, 2010


A kinda Before n After type deal.

First up, some pics I took of the barn a few weeks back, when we did our first site-visit...

Our original plan had been to make some speakers from abandoned tractor-wheels and oil-drums, but this line o'thought got derailed and we ended up focusing in on the Medieval Cinema and "The Moovie", a rebuild of the Octagon Sound Installation and the Atari Punk Bucket.

Here's a few 'After' photos taken last week, incl. part of the set-up for the live performance. (Farmer Glitch excelled himself in constructing a scavenged sound-system from an old Leslie rotating speaker, a Yamaha mid-range and a quartet of old, 70's vintage Celestion Hi-Fi speakers. The plan was to build a sort of surround-sound / quasi-Quad speaker array for the live show. The barn's natural in-built reverb gave the sound-system a really nice n spacious church-like feel.)

I've not included too many detailed pics of the other artists' wonderful work, just vague tasters for now, cos - well - you really should come n see them in the flesh, so to speak, just as the artists intended you to. It wouldn't be fair of me to turn this into a remote-control digital-gallery of someone else's efforts. The big pieces really do make you go 'wow' when you walk into the main room, and some photos would diminish that impact. The Real World beats the fucking Internet hands-down every time.

An, er, artist-in-residence ("Still Life (With Lunch)"):


At 1:59 am, Blogger db said...

Hey, how do you guys dig the Prophecy? I just saw one and while I really shouldn't, I'm a bit tempted to pick one up...

At 8:20 am, Blogger farmer glitch said...

Well I have just plugged mine in again after a 5 or more year break (been tucked under the bed!!) - it is a lovely monophonic beast - excels in sub-bass and evolving strangeness - a bit of a pain to program though with never-ending menu-tree - but they are cheap these days and worth every penny !


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