Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Funny that Mister Warren Ellis should mention the Herge linkage in Charles Burns' "X'ED OUT" (and cool to hear him namedrop the cruelly underrated Yves Chaland too); by coincidence, Shaky Kane and I were riffing on the same topic, earlier today:

For example, this is a kinda post-apocalyptic remix...

...of this:

Shaky also pointed out that "X'ED OUT" had a red border that referenced the bindings on the old Tintin books (tho sadly missing from the image above).

I have a big soft spot for Burns' work, but (what I saw of) this one was particularly beautiful.


At 5:11 pm, Blogger Jason Gusmann said...

love Love LOVE charles burns - "black spot" is my favorite, but i would've already bought "x-ed out" if it didn't cost so fucking much

At 5:12 pm, Blogger Jason Gusmann said...

goddamnit, i meant "black hole"

At 1:00 am, Blogger I am not Kek-w said...

Ahhh...yes, Burns is great.


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