Sunday, September 26, 2010


Yesterday's radio interview was a LOT of fun to do. Simon Parkin - the breakfast-show host - was a really nice fella. We were chatting a bit off-air, before / after, during weather-updates, etc and he seemed genuinely interested in what we were up to.

I suggested to him that I might take an iPlayer stream of the interview (I'm told it's about 1hr 42 mins in - thanks, Nick!), mulch/mash it up and turn it into a track...and this is now definitely on my To-Do List.

In the end, we didn't play live, but we did demonstrate the Atari Punk Bucket (and use it as an amp to play a severely atonal John Cale-esque bowed-eukele skreeeeach). Simon also gamely re-played a slivver of our recent live performance on Jonny Mugwump's Resonance FM show. Which was exceptionally cool of him, considering his breakfast-time demographic.

Thanks to those of you who tuned in.

Afterwards, we went out to Cotley to do some work / prep on our installation and hold the fort while visitors wandered round the barn. Some much-delayed info on this later, soon as I get the kids to bed...


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