Monday, September 27, 2010


Bummerism, or: the Internet-Only Release of "On The Sunny Side of The Skull" - one of a handful of lost 'mythological' albums (this one from 2006), by Medroxy Progesterone Acetate, one of my favouritest recording artists in the world.

This one was flummox'd / side-swiped by assorted labels-that-sunk-without-trace and a rip-off merchant who sold the master-tape on eBay as a "special edition of one". We have a Brit swearword specially designed for twats like that.

It's kinda quasi-tragic to me that this never came out on a 'proper' label. I woulda put it out (says the man who's taken two years to not put out a comp and is struggling to find 5 mins to put various other musical projects to bed, yet still finds time to blog instead of getting on with urgent work. Methinks me doth protest too much. *sigh*).

Anyway, here it is. You might not like it, but I certainly do.

On The Sunny Side Of The Skull by m*p*a

PS: Listen on headphones - it's awesome.


At 1:21 am, Blogger db said...

Listening to it last night for the first time since I got to California, I think it's probably the album where my Chrome (if Helios Creed gave up guitar to play Phibesian transistor organ full-time) influence is most obvious. I'm gonna upload the other "missing" MPA albums over the next month or two. Thanks for spreading the word!


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