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Somerset Art Weeks 2010 Special Event

Out of Context: Artists Talk & Live Performance
Event Date: Sunday 3rd October, 2010
Time: 2pm to 5pm
Venue: Cotley Barn, near Chard
Exhibition: 18 September to 4 October, open 11am to 6pm (Thur to Sun).

On Sunday October 3rd, the artist group, Hacker Farm will give a live performance at Cotley Barn between 2pm and 5pm, using hand-soldered electronics, circuit-bent toys and reclaimed local materials. During the event, Hacker Farm and artists Liz Fathers, Gary Dickins and Natalie Parsley will talk about their work in the ’Out of Context’ exhibition, most of them in response to the rural setting of Cotley Barn.

For the Out of Context exhibition at Cotley Barn, Hacker Farm have created a series of pieces designed to enhance and comment on the environment in which they are housed. The rear room has been converted into a makeshift medieval cinema showing modified footage of cows and milk-production - a post-modernist version of a tithe. In the main room, a “farm-yard sound-system” housed in rusting milk-churns and salvaged agricultural scrap plays extracts from Music For Imaginary Milking-Parlours, an audio-piece constructed from field-recordings made in local dairies and cow-sheds. The sounds were digitally ‘distressed’ until they became ghost-like and impressionistic, suggesting a spectral, sometimes unsettling post-rural landscape.

Elsewhere, an Atari Punk Console - a homemade noise-generator that emulates the sounds of a vintage 1980’s games-console - has been embedded in an old farm bucket, enabling visitors to create their own hands-on, site-specific soundtrack.

Liz Fathers creates two installations in response to the history and surroundings of Cotley Barn, including a cider apple spiral and 200 balloons. Gary Dickins will create new work using found objects from the abandoned farm yard. Natalie Parsley’s farm tools painting is inspired by her visit to her grandfather’s farm. By displaying her work, she gives the everyday object a new life.

For more information about the exhibition and artists taking part, please visit here.

About Out of Context...

Out of Context is an exhibition/project bringing together artists in Somerset to create new work in response to the environment, architecture and cultural background of a medieval tithe barn. Organised by Somerset Art Works (SAW), an organisation aiming to develop opportunities for Somerset artists, Out of Context aims to promote interesting contemporary art that is relevant to the wider public. Out of Context is part of Somerset Art Weeks 2010, a county wide visual art event featuring more than 300 artists in over 200 venues/studios across Somerset.

For more information about Out of Context and Somerset Art Weeks 2010, please email: artweeks [at]

Somerset Art Works (SAW) is a non-profit making organisation promoting the Visual Arts and creating opportunities for Visual Artists in Somerset through advocacy, promotion and development.


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